Spanish Seaglass

The forces of nature and organic shapes of nature are the inspiration for each of our sea glass creations. 

Our pieces are handcrafted, and custom sizing can be ordered. Please contact us for any requests.

International shipping available.

Organic Spanish Sea Glass jewellery shaped by the wind and waves of the Southern Spanish coastline.

All our Spanish Sea Glass pieces are crafted from sea glass sourced from beaches on the Costa del Sol hailing from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

About Us


Spanish Sea Glass is a small family jeweler based on the Costa del Sol, in the village of Mijas Pueblo. 

Founded in 2015, our exclusive workshop creates handcrafted unique products made with sustainable and locally-sourced sea glass.

Felix Claros Flanagan was born in MIJAS (Malaga) in 1985, when faced with unemployed and economic difficulties, he decided to continue his mother and stepfather's dream, collecting treasures from the Sea.

With the artisanal experiences of Larry Cannon (stepfather), I learn to work silver to form Artisan Jewellery with (SeaGlass and with the knowledge of Patricia (my Mother) in the artisanal creation, design and sale of jewellery pieces we create:

All of our sea glass is collected by us from the surrounding beaches and is naturally shaped and eroded by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, making each piece of jewellery unique and one-of-it's kind.